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Tech Stuff

To build this App, first I had to learn Core Data, was procrastinating it for a long long time. Also I’ve switched from the proven and battle tested UIKit to the brand new (and flaky at times) SwiftUI. So I needed to learn SwiftUI and all its quirckiness.

Let me do a quick summary on the tech stack and how it was.


SwiftUI is a new toolkit based on the concept of declarative UIs. Very similar in spirit to web frontend frameworks like React|Svelte|Vue. When I tried it on Xcode I was completely hooked on it. As any brand news toolkit, it’s super nice when you are “walking” on the happy path, but if you try to make your own path, you need to go through the woods, and it can get really ugly, pretty fast. Anyway SwiftUI it’s getting polished on each iteration and there is no going back to UIKit, I’m afraid this ship has sailed. Get onboard ASAP.


CoreData is really nice it has a NSManagedObject which their props publish to SwiftUI automatically. I has been integrated really well. There are some issues with the integration.


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