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2 min read

TL;DR Widget Galeria 1.2 reaches the App Store today, with many bugfixes and improvements.

1 min read

This week I’ve shipped Galeria App to the App Store after a long journey 🎉. Worked on it probably 18 months, I refuse to check my git history. 🫣

1 min read

I had been working on updating this website. On the Tech Stack It’s done with Svelte/Sapper (similar to react/next). Which it’s really easy to work with, and really fast to render, I’m getting 91 mobile/97 desktop on google page speed, and after that the website it’s already loaded.

5 min read

Having a bunch of items in Polo’s House game (Never released) inventory, requires a lot of typing and the majority of the items are quite similar. For example an apple, a pear, other fruits, share most of the same features.