Widget Galeria 1.0

1 min read

This week I’ve shipped Galeria App to the App Store after a long journey 🎉. Worked on it probably 18 months, I refuse to check my git history. 🫣

Galeria is an App to create Widgets for your home screen where beauty, easy of use and customization are the top priorities.

The are other home screen customization Apps on the App Store, that range from simple to use with few tweaking options to complex with many customization options. With Galeria, I want to achieve a sweet spot that will allow you to change just enough to get the style you want as quickly as possible.

Please download Galeria on App Store it’s free. Try it and tell me what you think.


I’m Martin, I'm an Indy iOS App Developer | Solo Founder | One Man Band | Indiehacker. In 2009, I bought an iPod 📱 and did my first iOS App. I'm coding mostly iOS Apps (and web stuff). Bring your touch to life with Pixdeo Apps 🤖.