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I had been working on updating this website. On the Tech Stack It’s done with Svelte/Sapper (similar to react/next). Which it’s really easy to work with, and really fast to render, I’m getting 91 mobile/97 desktop on google page speed, and after that the website it’s already loaded.

The Blog part it’s all markdown, really simple, I can add custom pages to it (like -> or add blog posts which are just md files too.

I’m trying to make it more cohesive, also I need to add content to it (for SEO and exposure, which is the hard part for me 😖).

If you find something off, please tell me!

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I’m Martin, I'm an Indy iOS App Developer | Solo Founder | One Man Band | Indiehacker. In 2009, I bought an iPod 📱 and did my first iOS App. I'm coding mostly iOS Apps (and web stuff). Bring your touch to life with Pixdeo Apps 🤖.