Inventory Items and prototypal inheritance in Javascript

18 January 2015

Having a bunch of items in Polo’s House game inventory, requires a lot of typing and the majority of the items are quite similar. For example an apple, a pear, other fruits, share most of the same features.

For instance, we can define an apple item in JSON (which can be converted to a JS object with ease using JSON.parse()) like this:

  "type": "food",
  "name": "apple",
  "display": "apple",
  "description": "shiny red apple",
  "image": "apple.png",

  "...": ".. other stuff excluded for simplicity ...",

  "activity": "Eat",
  "animation": {
    "names": "..."

Wouldn’t be great if we can reuse the definition of the apple in other fruit? Well, this is Javascript, we can take advantage of the prototypal inheritance.

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