Writing Games for Fun and Profits

by martin 09 April, 2014

How I started my journey in game development.

My first approach to game development was in 1988/89, I built a maze with only 1 level, I think I was 9-10 years old then, and my computer was a Commodore 128, but the game was done in the c-64 mode. Long ago, circa 2008, I bough my second apple device, it was a second generation iPod Touch. Previously had an iPod nano.

Learned Objective-C, built an app and released it in the App Store. But what I really wanted to do, was a game. Started building it in 2009 as a side job for some time. But my other duties (working full time as a project manager for a Telecom Company and being part of a startup for online backups) stole all my time.

Ok, too much babbling, better go back to 2014 where finally, I have time and I’m building a game!

##What game? Let me first say, that I think the virtual pet market is underserved, at least in the mobile world. Every pet game tries to copy the original 90s Tamagochi or goes too far and becomes a simulator, not to mention the simple clones that are just a toy. I’m asking you, wouldn’t be great if you can use a better virtual pet in your tablet, mobile or even a Browser?

This is my inspiration: A simple and friendly game with toon like art where you must take care of a funny, cute and interactive character. This game should run in several platforms using HTML5, but without the performance hit that JS impose running on mobile. Well, Is that even possible?

Yes, it is possible!

##Enter Cocos2D-HTML5 This is a great framework which I discover in 2009 when I started programming in objective-C. Gladly Cocos2D-x now is multi platform, and you can write JS and run with near native speed in iOS, Android and others.

##Introducing Polo’s House

Just a small sneak peak of Polo waiting in the kitchen for your attention. Yes, you guessed, Polo is a cute little penguin.


The Refrigerator is open, and you can feed Polo, dragging a delicious apple to him.


This is an actual screenshot of the game running in a browser with the resolution for old devices (480x320). The game runs in normal and retina resolution.

I plan to release Polo’s House in the Apple App Store soon.

Previously I will do some beta testing with users, so stay tuned for more announcements. Now is time to go back to programming.